Do you HAVE to find a career related to your college major?

Have you ever been told that you’ll never get a job with an [insert major] major? While choosing a major is an important (and exciting!) part of your college journey, you can rest easy knowing that majors are not always directly linked to your future career — so feel like you can choose what you want without the pressure of being able to land a specific job.

This article challenges the idea that a college major determines one’s career path. It emphasizes the importance of skills and industry choice over specific majors. Experts suggest that exploring personal skills and interests, networking, and evaluating job titles are essential for pursuing careers unrelated to one’s major.

Insights from professionals who successfully transitioned to new fields underscore the significance of self-reflection and effective communication during job interviews to articulate career shifts. The article encourages individuals to focus on transferable skills and a compelling career narrative to successfully navigate career changes.

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By Maya Herran
Maya Herran Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Awareness (EXLN 101)