Financing Renewable Energy Projects

Location: United States Experience Type: Job Simulations

Help a client with the complexities that can arise in financing and developing a renewable energy project

Welcome to the Mayer Brown Financing Renewable Energy Projects Program. We are so excited to have you here!

We have deep experience in high-stakes litigation and complex transactions across industry sectors, including our signature strength, the global financial services industry.Our clients recognize our diverse teams of lawyers as strategic partners with deep commercial instincts and a commitment to creatively anticipating their needs and delivering excellence in everything we do.Our “one-firm” culture—seamless and integrated across all practices and regions—ensures that our clients receive the best of our knowledge and experience.

During this program, you will get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Mayer Brown team member and complete tasks that replicate the work that our team of lawyers in the Renewable Energy practice does every day. You’ll learn or improve on your analytical thinking, legal analysis, and communication skills.

We hope this program provides a great resource for you to upskill and strengthen your resume as you explore career options and a potential career at Mayer Brown!

This program is self-paced. It takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete.

Skills Learned:

  • Issues in financing a renewable energy project
    Dig through all of the information and set out the key facts of the matter

    • Analytical Thinking
    • Attention to Detail
    • Commercial Awareness
  • Determining the Developer’s risk
    Review the Developer’s down-stream agreements to identify risk points for the client

    • Legal Analysis
    • Issue Spotting
    • Spoken Communication
  • Advise the Lender on their next steps
    Analyze the Credit Agreement provisions and advise the Lender on their options for action

    • Legal Analysis
    • Critical Thinking
    • Written Communication
  • Present to the Client
    Provide comprehensive advice to the Client drawing on all your work to date

    • Presentation Skills
    • Consolidation
    • Communication
  • Finish Line

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