Networking as a First-Gen Student

Embarking on the college journey as a first-generation student presents unique challenges. One of the most significant hurdles is the feeling of being at a disadvantage compared to peers who have established connections and resources.

This article written by Juritzy Mata offers valuable strategies for first-gen students to overcome these challenges and successfully network during their college years including:

  1. First-Gen Support Programs: The first step for first-generation students is to tap into support programs. These programs provide resources, events, and connections to fellow first-gen students, offering vital support and guidance.
  2. Major-Related Clubs: Joining clubs related to your major is like having a backstage pass to the professional world. You’ll gain experience, meet industry professionals, uncover scholarships, and bond with peers who share your interests.
  3. Finding a Mentor: Seek out mentors in your professors and industry professionals. Professors can open doors, provide recommendations, and share their expertise. Connecting with professionals on LinkedIn can lead to valuable insights and advice.
  4. Believe in Yourself: Banish imposter syndrome! Have confidence in your abilities. Even if you don’t fit the job description perfectly, many companies are willing to invest in your growth. Just reach out and ask for opportunities!

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By Sara Winland
Sara Winland Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Launch (EXLN 401)