Environment & Sustainability

Careers in environment and sustainability involve working towards the preservation of the natural world and promoting sustainable practices to mitigate environmental challenges.

Professionals in this field may work in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, research institutions, or private companies to drive positive environmental change in various sectors of society.

Pictured above: Altynai Watson ’20 interns at Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Health.

7 In-Demand Green Skills Right Now

Every major change in the world impacts the labor market, and climate change is no exception. As environmental crises escalate and new challenges emerge—like meeting the 2030 emission reduction target—companies are pushed to invest in sustainable practices. To navigate …

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7 Climate Change Organizations You Should Know

Illustration by Marian Blair

Climate change, global warming, and extreme weather events seem to be prominent fixtures in the news cycle every day, everywhere you look. Scientists and government leaders around the world agree the planet is in a state of …

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Day in the Life: Process Manager, Environmental Sustainability

9 AM: Arrive at the office to check emails and voicemails from my team and partners. With a meeting set for next week with our buildings and procurement partners, we must determine this week what we want to achieve as …

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  • Editor-in-Chief of Elements Science Magazine Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound (ASUPS)
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  • Photographer Self-employed
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Dan Roscoe

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  • Vice President, Senior Environmental Scientist WSP USA
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