Undocumented / DACA Students

Career and Employment Services (CES) offers support to undergraduate students and alumni of any immigration status, including undocumented, DACA, or international students. We believe in the integrity and value of every student and want to help you connect you with career resources. All DACAmented and undocumented students are encouraged to participate in career programming including events, career fairs, drop-in and in-person scheduled appointments.

Peruse the resources below, check out the Thrival Guide, and if you’d like to chat about career topics, we invite you to schedule an appointment. CES is here for you! 

My Undocumented Life
This blog and website has information and resources for undocumented immigrants, including articles written by fellow undocumented college students about their experiences, struggles, sacrifices, and advice. You can read blog posts that pertain to a question you may have, and search internship programs, scholarships, fellowships, or jobs that are specifically available for DACAmented and/or undocumented students and individuals.

DREAMer Jobs
This Facebook group has job postings specifically for DACA beneficiaries. You can browse recommended jobs or post with your niche interests.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
This local organization works tirelessly to help immigrants and refugees. Their work promotes justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education. They are a trusted resource you can turn to for the latest immigration updates and for help with DACA applications and the path to citizenship. Their Tacoma office is located downtown and can be contacted at 253.383.0519, toll free at 877.814.6444, or at Tacoma@nwirp.org

Immigrants Rising Resources
This website provides lists of undergraduate fellowships and scholarships that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. There are also resources that address working for yourself, being an entrepreneur, and getting legal help.

Immigrants Rising: Life After College
Life After College is a comprehensive guide for undocumented students, offering everything from legal information to personal narratives, with several sections devoted to the grad school/internship/job search.

  • Going to Graduate and Professional School (pgs. 7-13)
  • Getting Internships (pgs. 25-27)
  • Earning a Living (pgs. 28-38)
  • Going Abroad (p.40)
  • Exploring Your Immigration Remedies (pgs. 42-46)
  • Staying Motivated: Emotional Health (pgs. 47-51)

The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Bilingualism, or the ability to speak two or more languages fluently, can be a huge asset for job seekers. As a 2017 report by New American Economy discovered, the need for bilingual workers in the United States more than doubled …

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How To Make It as a Freelancer in the Social-Impact Sector

Making the decision to work as a freelancer in the social-impact sector involves plenty of research and planning. Whether you’re just starting your career journey, switching sectors, or considering a side-gig, freelancing takes commitment and dedication.

That said, lending your …

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6 Essential Resume Tips for Freelancers and Contractors

Most of us are familiar with how to profile traditional experience on a resume. But what if most of the work you've done to date has been on a freelance or contract basis? How, in a culture that still favors …

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