Graduate First Destinations

Puget Sound graduates pursue a diverse range of career paths

Here’s a snapshot of first destinations for the Logger Class of 2023 — 7 months out from graduation:

“I am very satisfied with the knowledge, skills, and experience that I gained at Puget Sound. I feel that I’ve been well prepared for the “soft” skills of my position, able to learn quickly, and I’m very satisfied to already be working in my desired field.”

Puget Sound grads find opportunities across the globe…

This graphic shows where the Class of 2022 landed shortly after graduation.

“My French language skills learned at Puget Sound have prepared me to go live in France for a year during my program. I also feel my other educational skills have made me a well-rounded person that can embrace different cultures.”

Puget Sound student’s varied talents and interests lead them to well-known companies, and also to boutique agencies, startups, and IYKYK organizations that are leaders in their sector. Here’s a sampling of organizations that’ve hired recent Logger grads.

“I work as a therapist and feel very prepared and fulfilled in my work. My degree has significantly increased my pay.”

Here’s a sampling of schools where Class of 2023 grads are continuing their education:

Institution | Program

One faculty member in particular was extremely helpful… He helped shape and encourage my interest in my field, as well as provided the mentorship and experience I needed to successfully approach grad school.

Over half of Logger students work in part-time jobs on campus each year. Others find jobs off campus during the school year and over break periods. These early jobs help students build skills and explore career paths.

How has part-time work impacted Logger grads?

“Multiple faculty members at Puget Sound have been my Career Champions… They each provided support in different ways. One provided invaluable help in furthering my education and determining a specialty. One was always helping me find new and different opportunities on and off campus. Another helped set up my internship, which solidified my desire to pursue this career path!”