Life & Physical Sciences

Careers in life and physical sciences encompass a wide range of disciplines — including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, environmental science, and genetics — where professionals conduct experiments, collect data, analyze findings, and contribute to scientific advancements and discoveries that enhance our knowledge of living organisms, natural processes, and the physical universe.

These careers often involve working in research laboratories, academic institutions, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, or healthcare settings, where scientists and researchers address challenges, develop new technologies, and improve human health and the environment.

Pictured above: Megan Mooney ’23 conducts biological research, and finds her career path taking a new direction.

What Is Research? Types and Methods

Research is the process of examining a hypothesis to make discoveries. Practically every career involves research in one form or another. Accountants research their client’s history and financial documents to understand their financial situation, and data scientists perform research to …

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Guide to Working at Pfizer

When you think of Pfizer, you probably think of one of a few blockbuster drugs the company has helped develop. And because pharmaceuticals is the company’s core focus, many people working at Pfizer are, of course, scientists. However, taking a …

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Day in the Life: Inside a Life Sciences Consulting Case

The Project:  L.E.K. Consulting is supporting a diagnostics company in developing a strategic plan for its business over the next five to ten years. The client wanted to understand the market opportunity for its key products, with a particular focus …

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