Explore Your Interests / Self Assessment

Career development is a process. It starts with knowing some important things about yourself:

  • Values: What do I need to feel satisfied in a career?
  • Interests: What topics intrigue me? What problems do I want to solve?
  • Personality: What environments and tasks suit me best?
  • Skills: What am I naturally good at? What do I have the capacity to become good at with practice or training?

Taking time to learn about yourself first will provide insights that guide your process.

Ready to explore? Look at the resources on this page, particularly the two self-guided assessments — PathwayU and TruMotivate.

As always, CES advisors are available to chat about any questions you have, and to help you navigate. Click the button at the top of this page to schedule an appointment to meet with a CES Advisor.

Exploring Career Interests in College: Tips on how to get started!

Discovering your dream career in college can be an exciting journey! 🚀 Check out this article from Handshake, written by Emily Curtis, a recent Emerson graduate, about their best tips to help you explore your interests and passions:

Remember, college is …

By Maya Herran
Maya Herran Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Awareness (EXLN 101)
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6 Ways to Stop Saying ‘I Don’t Know What Job I Want’

When people ask about your long-term career goals, do you think, “I don’t even know what job I want”? You’re not alone. Trying to plan your career — with so many industries, companies, and titles to choose from — can be overwhelming, …

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Logger Career Resources: TikTok Intros

Not sure how to use the various Logger Career Resources?

Here’s a video series that a CES student staff member (the fabulous Natalie Hernandez-Alvarez ’23) created for you!

Looking for more guidance? Click the button at the top of the …

By Kris Hay
Kris Hay Communications Coordinator
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