Expand Your Network / Mentor

Making connections doesn’t have to be scary, and is one of the most effective strategies you can use to explore and launch a career.

Think you don’t know anyone? Here are some key people to start with:

  • Alumni: Logger Link is an online community where alumni have volunteered to be a resource for students, which makes it more comfortable to reach out to ask questions.
  • Faculty: Your faculty can be a wonderful resource — they’ve seen students explore options and launch a wide range of careers.
  • Supervisors (from jobs, internships, volunteer roles), Group Leaders, Coaches, etc.: People who’ve seen you in action can also be a resource in your quest to meet folks who are doing work that intrigues you.
  • CES Career Advisors: Like faculty, your career advisors have worked with many, many students and alumni. They can help you identify people to reach out to. Bonus — they’re also experts at using LinkedIn, which can help you move from known contacts to the broader world of professionals.

Use the resources on this page to learn more about building your network and finding a mentor.

Unlock the Power of Networking: How to Build Meaningful Connections

Building a strong professional network can be the key to unlocking valuable opportunities and advancing your career. The question is, where do you start?

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PODCAST: Logger Alum Emma Britton Shares How to Make a Cold Networking Request

Chances are high that you’ve been told the importance of “networking” – connecting with folks in a professional context to learn more about an industry or role, to collaborate and share across contexts, and to build a community of colleagues.

By Maya Herran
Maya Herran Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Awareness (EXLN 101)
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Maximizing Your Network for Job Opportunities

In today’s job market, making connections matters—a lot! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to land great job opportunities effortlessly? It’s often because of their network.

Your network is like a circle of friends, serving as a vital …

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