Gain Experience

Build experiences that can help you discover your skills and learn what brings you fulfillment.

Your resume demonstrates not only your relevant experience, but how your previous experiences translate to the requirements of a specific position. Your college coursework, volunteer work, internships, leadership roles, and paid employment all contribute to building a strong foundation for life after graduation.

Part-time jobs and internships in particular are highly valued by employers when evaluating candidates.

When it comes to gaining experience, here are some common activities to consider…

Short-term opportunities and one-time events can be valuable, too. You could:

  • Take on a micro-internship through Parker Dewey.
  • Participate in a job simulation through Forage.
  • Attend lectures and workshops that interest you.
  • Get involved in a club, organization, team, etc., and perhaps take on a leadership role.
  • Shadow professionals to better understand what their work is really like.
  • Conduct informational interviews to gain insights about fields that you’re curious about.

Every experience will teach you something about what does and doesn’t fit with your interests and goals.

Logger students pictured above, are engaged in: summer intern presentations; working on campus as lifeguards; community gardening (read the story in Arches Magazine)

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Kris Hay Communications Coordinator
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Career Resources

Internships can be pursued for Academic or Activity Credit during the academic year, or for Zero Credit during the summer.

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