Why work during college?

There’s no such thing as “just a job.” All jobs are part of your career path. Early jobs help you identify what types of work fit with your skills, abilities, and interests.

In a competitive job market, part-time employment during college can give you an edge over other candidates.
Part-time jobs provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Develop contacts and references
  • Observe management styles
  • Acquire and practice skills
  • Develop a work ethic
  • Exercise leadership

Many skills employers seek are transferable between jobs. Employers are more inclined to hire graduates who have experience in the workforce. Even if the jobs are unrelated to the field for which the candidate is applying, the candidate has developed competencies and honed transferable skills.

Working students tend to be more successful in school.
Studies have shown that students holding part-time jobs during school* tend to be more organized, have higher GPA’s, and stay in school. *Up to 15 hours per week.

The Puget Sound community benefits from essential contributions of student staff. Student staff members provide about 25% of the university’s non-faculty staffing and hold important positions that contribute to institutional success. Student staff members express genuine pride in their campus roles and their ability to contribute to the cost of their education.

EVERY job contributes to your career path…

Each Part-Time, Temporary, Work-Study, Internship, and Summer job teaches you something…

(Even if the main thing seems to be
”I never ever want to do that again!”)

Every job
builds your resume;
builds your network of contacts;
builds your character.

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