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New Teacher Cover Letter Tips!

Embarking on a teaching career is a path filled with opportunities to impact young minds. But first, you need to land that teaching job. In this article, the authors unveil the secrets to writing a cover letter that will have you standing out in the crowd of new teacher applicants.

Your resume does the talking about your academic and professional background, but the cover letter is your chance to paint a vivid picture of who you are. So, what does the author suggest you should you include?

1. Academic Achievements: When you’re just starting, shift the spotlight to your academic credentials and any relevant certificates you’ve earned. Let these speak of your foundational knowledge.

2. Shine a Light on Student Teaching: Don’t fret if your professional experience is limited. Highlight your classroom engagements, as teacher preparation programs often provide ample opportunities for hands-on experience.

3. Spotlight Your Teaching Toolbox: Unveil your teaching skills, from classroom management to personalized learning plan expertise. Showcase your readiness to keep honing these skills.

4. Soft Skills Matter: Soft skills like patience, organization, enthusiasm, and reliability are great to show. Make sure to mention them, as they’re highly valued in educators.

5. Tech Savviness: Today’s classrooms are increasingly digital. Mention your tech proficiency, list the platforms you’re comfortable with, and hint at your willingness to introduce innovative technology for enriched learning.

6. Why You’re a Perfect Fit: Your cover letter is where you express your passion for teaching and explain why you’re tailor-made for the role. It’s not just about prior teaching experience; it’s about your devotion to students and shared values with the school.

Your new teacher cover letter is your chance to shine! Check out the full article here to explore additional tips and check out some examples!

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By Sara Winland
Sara Winland Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Launch (EXLN 401)