Exploring post-grad options? Consider a service year!

Learn where to apply, what to expect, and how a year of service can serve YOU.

Maya’s Journey from Uncertainty to Confidence
When Maya Herran’s first job after college turned out to be a lesson in what she didn’t want to do, she began searching for the next thing… Grad school? A career in education?

That’s when she discovered a 10-month college access role with an AmeriCorps program. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to explore her options.

Now, as a career advisor at Puget Sound, Maya fully appreciates the benefits of her service year. At a time when she felt uncertain, Maya gained valuable experience and confidence for the next stage of her career journey.

Are you uncertain about what you’d like to do after you graduate? Are you eager to make a positive impact or embark on an adventure? A service year might be right for you!

Watch: Insights from an Expert
This first video features Ruth Cutcher of Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS). Ruth highlights the diverse range of opportunities available at and beyond QVS. 

Learn how a service year can benefit your career and nurture your personal growth

Now that you know what a service year entails, let’s hear what it’s really like to undertake a year of service…

Watch: Conversations with Maya and Ruth
In this video, Maya joins Ruth for a conversation about their service experiences. They talk about how service can impact your life. And they offer advice for how to get started with your own year of service. 

Find out how to launch your career with a service year

Is a service year right for you? Chat with a CES Career Advisor!
Still have questions? Visit CES.PugetSound.edu to schedule a meeting with Maya or another CES Career Advisor. They can help you explore and evaluate your service year options.

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By Kris Hay
Kris Hay Communications Coordinator