Getting support for your ADHD diagnosis at work: How to disclose & build your ideal working environment

Hey Loggers!

It can be challenging to advocate for support at work! For folks who manage the nuances of an ADHD diagnosis, that can include both managing time and focus but also challenging societal misconceptions that can make disclosure to a supervisor challenging.

This article by Erica Sweeney with the Muse provides practical workplace strategies, shedding light on effective communication with managers about ADHD and the potential advantages it brings. From establishing achievable daily goals to discerning your optimal work environment, understanding why breaks can enhance productivity and why self-care is a tangible asset in your professional toolkit, this piece redefines ADHD challenges as opportunities for authentic success in the real world.

Check out the full article here, and know that CES is here for you if you’re navigating disclosing to an employer and would like to talk it through!

By Maya Herran
Maya Herran Career Advisor; Instructor: Career Awareness (EXLN 101)