Paid Internship + Professional Development

Hey Loggers!

Looking for a paid summer internship with a top employer in Tacoma? With a single application, you can apply for opportunities with multiple organizations — through SEED!

SEED Internship Program combines on-the-job experience with weekly professional development sessions that support you and amplify your career growth.

Right from the beginning — with interviews — you’ll experience SEED’s innovative approach… You’ll interact with applicants from colleges across the region during group interviews.

And before the day ends, you’ll gain expert advice about how you can improve your performance. So whether or not you’re selected for an internship, the interview process will be a valuable learning experience!

SEED’s Saturday, Feb. 17 interviews will take place right here on the Puget Sound campus! To participate, make sure to apply by the Tuesday, Jan. 16 deadline.

Have questions about SEED? Check out their FAQ and watch the video below.

And as always, CES career advisors are here to help. Schedule an appointment today!

By Kris Hay
Kris Hay Communications Coordinator