State Work-study Off-campus Program Guidelines

Puget Sound’s State Work-Study (SWS) program places eligible students with community service organizations and other employers that are leaders in their business or field, that pay top entry-level wages, and that have SWS job opportunities which:

  • compliments the educational and/or career goals of each student staff member, allowing them to exercise knowledge and skills from the classroom while acquiring new knowledge and on-the-job training in professional and para-professional roles.
  • provides adequate training, supervision, and evaluation in a work environment that will enhance each student staff member’s learning experience.
  • is flexible enough to allow for curriculum-driven time conflicts.


In addition to SWS program guidelines governing eligible employers and positions (as outlined in the SWS Employer Contract and Handbook), the University of Puget Sound reserves the right to determine which opportunities and employers are the best fit for Puget Sound students. We use the following guidelines in considering prospective SWS employers. The employer:

  1. is offering employment opportunities that are compatible with Puget Sound’s institutional role and mission.
  2. has been in business for a minimum of three years.
  3. employs at least three full-time employees in addition to SWS student staff members.
  4. is fiscally solvent.
  5. is not attempting to employ a SWS student who is a relative or household member.
  6. is offering employment that students are interested in, and which enhances the overall variety of opportunities within the SWS program at Puget Sound.


  • Hire employees from a pool of bright candidates. Puget Sound students have the cutting-edge skills your organization needs.
  • Preview talent. Observe the on-the-job performance of your student staff members. When it comes time to fill permanent positions, you will have first pick of new graduates who’ve already been trained in your organization.
  • Save money. Save on wages now; and if you hire your student staff members as permanent employees, you’ll also save on future recruiting, hiring, and training costs. To encourage organizations to participate, the state reimburses a portion of the eligible student’s wages.