Federal and State Work-Study Employment

Eligible students may pursue employment through the federally-funded and state-funded work-study programs for the academic year and/or summer. Eligibility* is based on financial need and is determined through an application process with Student Financial Services.

After a Federal or State Work-Study (FWS/SWS) award is made, CES staff members are responsible for referring eligible students to positions on campus, or helping to arrange off-campus work-study jobs.

*Want to work on campus although you’re not eligible for FWS/SWS? University Work-Study jobs are open to students regardless of financial aid eligibility.

Did you know?

  • Student staff members provide almost 20% of non-faculty staffing at Puget Sound. Their important work and valued contributions are essential to institutional success.
  • Work-study jobs range from administrative, technical, service, and maintenance support to advising, supervising, management, and program coordination positions.
  • Most jobs are for the full academic year and require an average of 9 hours of work per week.
  • Entry level pay for on-campus jobs starts at Washington State’s minimum wage rate — $16.28 per hour as of 2024. Depending on the role, the wage may be higher. Pay rates are determined by the degree of skill, experience, and judgment required for each job.

If your Financial Aid Award Notice includes FWS or SWS, you are eligible to earn up to the maximum amount listed on the award notice. Because these earnings are subject to a student’s desire and ability to work, Puget Sound cannot guarantee employment or 100% earnings.

If you are not interested in participating in the FWS/SWS program, notify Student Financial Services.

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Checklist for Student Employment

✔ Complete the WEA or confirmation form no later than July 15.
✔ Bring the necessary original, unexpired documents to campus for completing the I-9 form if you haven’t worked on campus previously. (Questions? Check the FAQs.)
✔ You may update your W-4 withholding and enroll in direct deposit online once you begin your on-campus job.
✔ New Students: Attend your required FWS/SWS Employment Session during orientation to receive your job referral.

Work-Study Tips

  • Indicate on the FAFSA that you want to be considered for work-study.
  • Each spring, continuing students have the opportunity to explore different employment options for the following academic year. CES invites eligible students to attend Federal and State Work-Study Referral Sessions to review available jobs