Appeals Procedure

Minor conflicts and disagreements are common in the workplace and are to be expected. Such conflicts provide an opportunity to learn to develop a productive, satisfying professional life and build the skills to support lasting, effective career management. Minor disagreements can become major ones if you don’t deal with them.

The office of Career and Employment Services (CES) has resources available to assist you. The Associate Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development is your first and ongoing connection to discuss relevant policies, people, and resources, and to help you develop a plan aimed at resolving the issue.

Situations related to job performance, work relationships, working conditions, hours worked, etc. are typically most effectively resolved within the hiring department. Disagreements between student staff members and their supervisors or co-workers can often be worked out without resorting to more formal procedures. Consider the circumstances of your situation, identify the specific issues of concern, and have a conversation with your immediate supervisor. Respectfully describe the issue of concern and explain the resolution you seek.

When issues are not resolved in this manner, students should address the concern to the head of the employing department. The final resolution rests with the department head.