Study Abroad & Student Employment

Planning to Study Abroad? Here’s action you’ll need to take and how your work-study employment will be impacted.

Academic Year or Fall-Term Study Abroad Programs

If you are accepted into a full academic year or fall-term study abroad program, please notify your current supervisor as soon as you are accepted into the program.

If you are abroad during fall semester, the position you held before you left may not be available upon your return. Most campus departments and off-campus employers need to fill positions at the beginning of fall term for the full year. If your current position is not available upon your return, Career and Employment Services will work with you to find another Federal or State Work-Study job. Check your financial aid notice for current information regarding your work-study eligibility.

Spring-Term Study Abroad Programs

If you are accepted into a spring-term study abroad program during fall semester, and originally had a full academic year job assignment, the maximum earnings limit and job duration will be adjusted as described below.

Maximum Earnings
Student Financial Services will reduce your academic year work-study award limit to half the original amount. For example, if your work-study award was originally $3400 for a full academic year job assignment, the amount will be reduced to $1700. If you have been working more than the average number of hours listed on your online employment agreement during fall term, you may have to adjust the hours you work each week to remain within your updated award limit.

Job Duration
If you will be leaving to study abroad during spring term, the last day you are authorized to work will be the last day of fall term, or when you reach your earnings limit, whichever comes first.

Points to remember

  • Notify your supervisor of your plans to study abroad.
  • You are eligible for work-study only during the term you are on campus.
  • If you study abroad during fall term, the position you held in the previous academic year may not be available upon your return.
  • If you decide during fall term that you are going to study abroad in the spring, your job duration and earnings limit in your current work-study job will be adjusted to reflect your new status.