Annual Gathering of the Supervisors

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Gathering of the Supervisors each April!

Join supervisors from across campus to enjoy food, exchange ideas, and celebrate the work that you do to support students.

2024 Gathering

Thursday, April 11
9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.
Tahoma Room (TMS 363)

Here are session details for the 2024 Gathering:

Engagement and Motivation — Tales of Challenges and Progress

What do Puget Sound student staff members appreciate about their work? What strategies support their engagement and motivation at work? Do they feel like they’re making a meaningful contribution to the success of the department? 

We’ve asked student staff members these questions, and we’ll be sharing their responses!

With this information in mind, we’ll lead a panel in discussion about how supervisors can motivate and engage student staff members while avoiding pitfalls.

Workshop: Translating Dependable Strengths into Supervisory Success
Dependable Strengths is a process intended to help you identify excellence within yourself! 

Through reflective activities, you’ll find patterns of strengths that you’ve demonstrated throughout your life. This is an exploration of what you uniquely have to offer. You’ll define your strengths, and identify the ways you can (and already do) contribute to a positive educational experience for the students you work with. 

During this workshop — led by Elizabeth Wormsbecker ’05, Associate Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development — we’ll uncover barriers to knowing our strengths, revisit our good experiences, and look at how we can use our strengths to become better supervisors.

Puget Sound is committed to being accessible to all people. If you have questions about accessibility for the Gathering, please contact Career and Employment Services at or visit