Getting Started with Compass conversations

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After you attend training, review the materials and strategies for implementing Compass with your student staff members. Determine a timeline and consider:

  • Whether you will conduct group or individual meetings
    Do large group, small group, or one-to-one meetings work best for your student staff members?
  • How meetings will be scheduled
    Will you set a meeting for students to attend, or utilize time when they are already working a shift?
  • When you will meet
    Block the time on your calendar now, and set reminders ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements.


Communicate with your student staff members to introduce them to the program and to your implementation plan. For sample language, check the Quick Start Guide.


Provide your students access to the reflection journal, whether it is their own electronic document kept in a network folder, a paper journal (or parts) that you’ve printed out, or in the form of an e-portfolio (if the student has an existing account).


A couple of days prior to each meeting:

  • Remind students why you’re having these conversations. (This context may only be needed before the initial conversation.)
  • Provide the list of questions you’ll be discussing.
  • Instruct students to think about the questions and to prepare to discuss them.
  • Offer time during work hours for self-reflection in advance of the conversation.

For sample language, check the Quick Start Guide.