April is Student Employment Month!

April is Student Employment Month in Washington State. Celebrate!

This is an annual opportunity to affirm the importance of student work and learning programs in our state, and emphasize their impact on the economy, on community service, and on the educational and career development of college students.

Among other benefits, studies have shown that students holding part-time jobs during school tend to be more organized, have higher GPA’s, and stay in school.

About 1000 students work on campus each year, providing the equivalent of nearly 20% of non-faculty University employees. Their important work and valued contributions are essential to institutional success!

Hundreds more worked off campus in career-related work-study jobs and in the local community in jobs advertised through CES.

Not only are these students able to help pay their college costs, but they also benefit from the work experience and career exploration opportunities provided by part-time employment. In the world of work on and off campus, these students bring to life the knowledge they accumulate in the classroom by practicing and testing educational concepts, and by identifying and honing skills.

Puget Sound students earned more than $3.4 million through part-time and summer employment programs administered by CES last year. Included are work-study earnings on and off campus. These earnings account for a significant portion of financial aid received by Puget Sound students.