Compass Supervisor Training overview

Compass Puget Sound training for supervisors of student staff members is held periodically to introduce the program and prepare supervisors to incorporate Compass conversations into their work with students.

Supervisors will be equipped with the questions and structure of the program, along with strategies and skills to facilitate meaningful reflection with students and incorporate it into the culture of student employment.

Training focuses on the impact and importance of reflection in learning, the basics of the reflective conversations, strategies for facilitating reflection with a student, and includes time to plan and discuss strategies for working these conversations into the structure of each particular work environment.

Compass conversations are intended to fit as easily as possible into all kinds of work environments so that reflection becomes a part of the fabric and culture of student employment.

Training supports supervisors at any level of reflective engagement with their student staff members:

  • Supervisors who are already consistent about touching base with their student staff members and actively supporting their growth will learn how they can incorporate an intentional reflective component into their work with students.
  • Supervisors who may find it challenging to consistently connect with their student staff members in a reflective way and perhaps have never had practice with this type of intentional engagement with students can utilize the structure of the Compass Puget Sound program and will learn and practice strategies for facilitating meaningful reflective conversations with students.